The first cross-laminated timber (CLT) apartment buildings in Estonia

We have reached the moment of truth where Estonia’s first CLT (cross-laminated timber) apartment buildings are being erected in Põlva.

We have found the developer R.K.P. Invest OÜ, who has the willingness, belief, and courage to pioneer in collaboration with Arcwood and realize the first project. Additional information about the apartment building can be found here:
The main contractor is the Tartu construction company Dorpat Ehitus OÜ.

In the first stage, a 4-story apartment building with 14 apartments will be constructed, and in the second stage, a 3-story building with 10 apartments will be built.
The structural solution of the apartment building has been developed by ARCWOOD engineer Indrek Mäe.

Maximum utilization of CLT (cross-laminated timber) as structural elements has been achieved. Load-bearing exterior walls are 120 mm, 5-layered panels, and the floor panels between floors are 160 mm.

The stairwells’ landings and steps are also made of CLT. Load-bearing walls between apartments and walls separating apartments and the stairwell are double CLT with sound-insulating insulation wool in between. As sound and impact noise transmission is particularly important in apartment buildings, special elastic impact noise tapes have been used in floor and wall joints to eliminate impact noise. The floor layers have used the necessary system solution to ensure compliance with noise requirements.

Moisture safety solutions have been thought through and implemented for wooden buildings. To prevent capillary moisture, the lower edges of CLT panels are treated with special moisture-resistant mastics at the factory. The products are packaged in thermo-film and delivered to the site correctly according to the developed assembly plan.

The apartment building is scheduled to be completed in December of this year.

Video of the assembly on the first floor can be found here: