1. Engineering solutions

We provide engineering solutions that include glued laminated timber components and structural CLT elements. It all starts with an initial consultation to determine the right options for your building type and structural specifications

We work with the customer to find the most appropriate constructive solutions, then move on to PP (preliminary design), DD (detailed design) and CWD (construction working documents) stages, depending on the customer’s preferences.

Our engineering solutions are used extensively for various types of buildings, including production facilities, office buildings, stock offices, sports buildings, riding halls, apartment buildings and private residences.

2. High-tech CNC machining

We are equipped with high-tech CNC machines, allowing us to perform machining operations of varying complexity. We have four CNC machines: two for glulam beams and two for CLT structures.

We ensure a high degree of accuracy and can:
• ensure precise formats;
• prepare openings for doors and windows;
• perform milling for electrical sockets, boxes and feed-throughs;
• perform deep drilling for electrical wiring;
• prepare all types of openings for feed-throughs in specific sections.

We prefer project-based IFC and/or 3D Solid models from customers. With the help of CNC machining, we are able to achieve a high level of availability of timber structures, significantly shortening the assembly time on site and eliminating possible mistakes on the construction site.


3. Transport

Depending on the customer’s wishes, we will also take care of the delivery of orders to the desired location. In the case of larger projects requiring assembly by us, we will make logistics arrangements based on the assembly sequence.

We are able to transport oversize cargo up to 35 metres long and 7.3 metres wide. We handle each special transport job separately, taking into account the location of the site, the obtaining of special permits and the involvement of escort vehicles.

4. Assembly

In cooperation with our long-standing partners, we offer professional installation of structures in Estonia, Scandinavia and Europe. We determine the contract limits and the resulting complexity of required assembly details on a project-by-project basis.

Our strength in delivering custom projects

By specialising in custom projects, we can manufacture all types of timber structures, from shorter ceiling beams to glulam beams dozens of metres in length. Our comprehensive solutions include design, manufacture and installation to ensure smooth project execution.