Arcwood engineer INDREK MÄE was recognized with the “Best Use of Glulam” award

The Estonian Forest and Wood Industry Association organized the “Wooden Building of the Year 2022” competition for the 20th time to highlight new wooden buildings that have been used in the best possible way in architectural, technical, and construction terms.

One of the prizes in the “Wood Building of the Year 2022” competition was a special award for the “Best Use of Glulam” technical solution, which was won by our engineer Indrek Mäe, who designed Estonia’s first CLT apartment building.

We are delighted that our engineer Indrek Mäe has received this special prize. Indrek Mäe has designed a building in the form of a CLT apartment building that has not yet been done on Estonian soil.

The apartment building maximally utilizes CLT as structural elements, and CLT has also been used for the stairwells, including the landings, steps, and elevator shaft. Congratulations, engineer Indrek Mäe! We are proud to have such a competent and talented colleague on our team!

Video of the CLT apartment building designed by engineer Indrek Mäe: