ARCWOOD: One of the biggest challenges in sustainability is creating a whole system

Peetri Puit OÜ / ARCWOOD, follows the principle of using wood in a sustainable and well-managed way. The company, founded by Peeter Peedomaa, has invested continuously in new technologies over the twenty years and has rethought production.

The need for a sustainable production process was recognized from the very beginning. The most significant change came in 2014 when the company started producing new cross-laminated timber (CLT) constructions in Scandinavia and the Baltics. It is a building material of equal quality to concrete elements, distinguished by its lightness and environmental friendliness.

Concrete is resource-intensive to produce, wood sequesters carbon dioxide as it grows, and its use in construction avoids the need for large quantities of fossil fuels. “Replacing concrete with wood in a building’s construction can reduce carbon emissions by 20-50 percent,” explains Inno Kalberg, CFO at Arcwood.

Sustainability is applied throughout the production

According to Kalberg, the production process must be well thought out, considering both the end product and production waste. “Of course, we try to minimize the generation of residues, but this is not always possible. We sell the leftovers to smaller companies, which can then use them to make products,” he explains.


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