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Arcwood - Laiks Majai

Peetri Puit OÜ is a glulam producer, that started manufacture in 2002.


In 2012 we chose a new brand name ARCWOOD by Peetri Puit. The arc as a shape symbolizes efficiency and flexibility in construction and architecture. These traits also describe our company.


Efficiency -  because we always produce a piece with the right cross-section and in our manufacturing process, every waste product finds an eco-friendly application.

Flexiblity - because we can offer products ranging from a short ceiling joist to a glulam truss spanning tens of metres; from a raw blank to a complete solution, where we design, produce and assemble everything with our in-house resources.


Why Choose Arcwood?


Flexibility and capacity to produce custom orders

When Arcwood (formerly Peetri Puit) first started producing engineered wood products, a substantial portion of the work being done was non-standard custom orders. While most companies try to get away from having to produce custom orders and focus purely on quantity and mass, Arcwood has never abandoned its commitment to help their clients get exactly what they need. This commitment is seen here, when Arcwood produced the engineered wood trusses for the Tondiraba Hockey Arena in 2013.


High tech CNC technology

As Arcwood is committed to producing engineered wood solutions to the highest degree of exactness, we have invested into the newest CNC technologies and state of the art machines. In addition to utilising the best software and machinery, Arcwood is committed to keeping their employees trained and up to date with these technologies to ensure the best possible production quality. There is no detail left unaddressed.


Arcwood knows what time it is

One trait of our colorful history is our respect for timelines. We pride ourselves in keeping deadlines and appreciate how vital this is in this day and age where delays and missed deadlines have become all too common.


Certificates and compliance to standards

We abide by and adhere to all the relevant required standards. As we are a company that is committed to sustainable production, we only use wood that is FSC certified. We have also made sure that we meet all the technical requirements that are required by the national standards of our clients. We appreciate that set standards help keep production standards high and as such, are happy to be able to meet these standards and receive the relevant certificates.
(Click here for a list of all our certificates)


In-house engineering support services

We employ a structural engineer who is well versed in all structural matters that are related to engineered wood solutions. We are thus able to provide engineering support services or outright structural design services, as may be needed by our clients. As technical requirements are paramount, we believe that employing a dedicated engineer is a vital part of the services we are able to provide.


We are multilingual

We speak English, French, German, Finnish, and Russian.


Measurements and logistics

We are experienced in logistics and are able to ship our clients orders to anywhere in the world.


Peetri Puit OÜ

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   +372 7991200


Peetri Puit OÜ

Over the years, Arcwood has invested into quality and human resources. Our mission is to offer our clients the best result – a result they can trust. Our main competitive edge is flexibility – we efficiently produce glulam in standard dimensions right up to complicated custom solutions.


   Google Maps
   +372 7991200
   +372 7991200

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