Saue Parish House



Saue Parish House was chosen as the best wooden building of 2020.

The building of the town hall, placed in the area between the centre park and the Grossi store, creates a symbolic focal point for the urban space, from Saue railway station to Pärnasalu Street. This is a solid wood house, only the foundation is made of concrete. The façade is made of Lego bricks – tiles laid on a wooden truss, the walls are made of 5-layer glulam panels.

In the parish house, raised floors, which are still quite a little common in Estonia, have been used to hide the technology. Due to this, the cross-laminated timber used as the main building material is also nicely viewed on the ceiling. Lamination of surfaces is avoided. While in the case of construction, this can usually mean silicone strips two centimeters thick at the joints of different surfaces and openings, in Saue, thanks to high-precision cross-laminated timber panels, all these joints are filigree.

General information

LocatioKütise 8, Saue
Year of completion2020
Architectsarhitektuuribüroo Kontekst ab OÜ, arhitektid Karli Luik, Johan Tali, Mae Köömnemägi ja Heidi Urb
BuilderEmbach Ehitus
Area under constructionnetopind on ca 1600 m²

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