Arcwood’s history goes back to 1979, when a young enterprising man named Peeter Peedomaa was hired at a new glulam production facility in Põlva County in south-eastern Estonia. It was he, 23 years later, who founded his own glulam company, using the knowledge and experience gained over decades for producing the finest glulam solutions. The following are some of the milestones for Arcwood.



Arcwood, called Peetri Puit at that time, launches production with five employees. In the beginning, the company has a finger-jointing line, a boiler plant running on wood chips and a 160-square-metre wood drying facility. Our first product was finger-jointed structural timber, 100% of which was exported to Germany.


We install a glulam beam production press, which allows us to begin making glulam components of up to 14 m in length and DUO beams. In a year, the company’s personnel has quadrupled to 20 employees.


A 150-square-metre drying kiln is launched. Number of employees grows to 28.


2005 We continue developing the company’s areas of activity. We renovate the production building and build an addition, gaining 270 square metres of space. This allows us to start making up to 29.5 m long glulam components. The company now has 33 employees.


We continue developing the infrastructure and build approximately 9000 square metres of storage yard space.


We install a new finger jointing line and upgrade the technological assembly line.


An addition to the production building is completed, and we gain about 600 square metres of production space as a result. We install a new CNC machine, which ensures that the components we make are as precise as possible. The CNC machine allows us to process glulam components up to 27 m in length and 2.6 m in width.


We install a four-side planer for large structural timber components, which allows to process and plane glulam components and panels up to 2.3 m in width.


The Peetri Puit trademark is renamed Arcwood. To maintain the association with the Peetri Puit trademark known by customers, the new name has an extension: Arcwood by Peetri Puit.
Over the years, Arcwood has invested into quality and human resources. Our mission is to offer our clients the best result – a result they can trust. Our main competitive edge is flexibility – we efficiently produce glulam in standard dimensions right up to complicated custom solutions.


We start CLT production. At that time, CLT will be the first new product in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.


We are building a new production plant (8500 m2) and a new office (700 m2).


We are building another 6200 m2 plant to produce CLT.

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